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DENTAL IMPLANTS (Tooth Replacement)

If you wear dentures or partials, the inconvenience, discomfort and fear of embarrassment seem a constant burden. There is a solution. With the stability of natural teeth, Dental Implants restore confidence, self-esteem, and natural look and feel. Best of all, they enhance your quality of life and restore peace of mind.

Dr. Pinegar has attended the most prestigious implant institute in the country. He has completed extensive training in all aspects of Dental Implants and has been awarded Fellowship Status by the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Lifetime Dentistry is specially-equipped for all stages of Dental Implant treatment, from initial placement to placement of your final teeth. Ask Dr. Pinegar about Dental Implants for you or somebody you care about.


Restore your smile to an attractive, functional state. Porcelain bridges and single crowns are functional and durable with a natural appearance. Full and partial dentures are also available with a precision fit for enhanced stability and comfort. Dr. Pinegar is committed to providing a natural look and appearance that restores function and stability. Porcelain or white fillings are now placed to fill cavities in the place of amalgam or silver fillings.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY (Smile Enhancement)

A beautiful smile is flattering to everyone! Our office provides today�s advanced techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry. Teeth that are discolored, chipped, crooked, or misaligned can be beautifully corrected. Dr. Pinegar stays current with the latest developments in porcelain veneers, bonding, and tooth whitening. Ask about a smile that you�ll wear with pride.


Sore, bleeding gums indicate the beginnings of Periodontal Disease. If left untreated, discomfort, bad breath, and eventual tooth loss will result. We are skilled at treating various stages of gum disease to return your mouth to a healthy state.

TMJ THERAPY (Jaw Joint & Headache Pain Treatment)

Every time you speak, chew, or even yawn, you use the temporomandibular jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Various factors place undue strain on this area which can lead to discomfort in the jaw and sever headaches. Dr. Pinegar will develop a treatment program based upon your individual circumstances.


Occasionally, a tooth�s nerve chamber will become infected, requiring a root canal to save the tooth. This treatment cleans the infected chamber and repairs the damage, saving your natural tooth. Our office utilizes a procedure that is both comfortable and completed in less time than previous methods.