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Dr. Steven C. Pinegar has established himself as one of the most technologically advanced and highly respected dentists in Utah. He has practiced in Provo, Utah for twenty years. His advanced training in cosmetic dentistry enables him to focus on making your smile perfect. With today's technology he can do amazing things to give you the perfect smile.

Dr. Pinegar graduated with honors from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, where he received a doctorate of dental surgery degree. He received the Operative Dentistry Award for his graduating class. His ability to make people feel comfortable is one of his excellent qualities.

Dr. Pinegar is staying on the cutting edge of dentistry through post-graduate education courses. Microscopic, and laser treatments have enhanced his ability to give our patients the best possible treatment. He graduated from the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, Microscopic dentistry, and Periodontal treatment with laser technology. He is also a member of crown council and Academy of General Dentistry.

While Dr. Pinegar strives to increase his knowledge in the dentistry field and constantly educate his patients, he has created a friendly environment where patients feel that their oral needs are being met in the most effective way.