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Our Testimonials - Dentists Salt Lake City

"Just some positive notes for those considering cosmetic procedures; I personally found that the new smile that Doctor Pinegar and staff created for me has been a real boost and even pivotal life change for me. The satisfaction of having an almost perfect bite now, along with bright white, naturally looking teeth make my life easier and more fulfilling.

It really restores and rejuvenates self confidence and a literally bright outlook on life, everyday. I feel better about myself now, and others constantly notice, and are impressed with my warm and handsome smile."

- Gary

"Thank You for seeing me so quickly today. I have to honestly say that in all the years I have visited various dental offices no one comes close to the efficiency and class with which you run your practice. Your staff was not only beautiful and friendly, but it was obvious they are extremely competent. Thank you again for seeing us so quickly, and please tell the ladies that helped me how sharp they are."
- Mark

"I want to thank you for all you and your staff has done to help me. My new smile has given me a new lease on life. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you!"

- Marilee

"Thank You so much for being there when I really needed your help. Because of you, I have a beautiful smile with beautiful teeth again. Thanks for your wonderful spirit and kind heart."
- Nan

"I just wanted to say thanks for renewing my faith in dentists and calming my fears about dental work. You have shown compassion and have been very informative. I´┐Żll be smiling with my new teeth."

- Susan

"Dear Dr. Pinegar, I wanted to than you for taking such good care of my daughter Madeline when she was in. It was her first visit to the dentist and she was very nervous. You did a wonderful job of making her feel comfortable and happy. She loved the baloon and her cookie. Now she looks forward to coming to the dentist. Thank you so much for being so great!"
- Danielle

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You were so nice when I call your home over the weekend. My tooth was killing me. You took the time to go to your office on Saturday and fix my tooth. We are so lucky to have a dentist who cares."

- Spencer

"I want to express my appreciation for you and your staff. After switching dentists due to an unpleasant previous experiance, I was at first hesitant to continue with my dental work. However I knew I would later regret not going if I was toothless at age thirty seven. Your staff was so friendly and warm, trying to do everything to make me at ease. The hand-wax was very rejuvenating. Unfortunately after all the work needing to be done I was concerned about the cost. Your office manager was very accomodating to my specific needs. Tell her thank you and thankyou to your entire staff."
- Stephanie

"My family and I are very impressed with the knowledge and high technology in your office. My wife and I have always been concerned about our children´s brushing habbits. When they were in your office you showed them video clips on the importance of brushing correctly and flossing and what will happen if they don´t. Thank you so much for you sincere concern to my family´s oral health! Now we won´t have to pay for expensive procedures due to carelessness. Thanks again!"

- Richard